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Published:November 13th, 2014 13:44 EST
Why Did Amputee Sean Petrozzino Shoot his Parents To Death With a High-Powered Rifle?

Why Did Amputee Sean Petrozzino Shoot his Parents To Death With a High-Powered Rifle?

By John G. Kays

The Sean Petrozzino Story, and all its tributaries, on the surface, better resembles a piece of fiction (or possibly a movie screenplay), then it does a slab of crime-beat news! Don`t take any offense, yet this is my impression, as I contemplate the fine print, which would have to include his Monday suicide in Memphis, Tn., as well as the disturbing realization that Sean probably shot his parents (Nancy and Michael Petrozzino) to death with a high-powered rifle (the gruesome crime dates from the morning of the 4th, in Orlando, Florida area)! 

I might add, I`ve witnessed many similar crimes such as this before; I sense, however, what sets this one apart is the bit about Sean being an amputee, as well as the background history predicating that. Suddenly, the story is raised up to a much higher level, and begins to toy with our vulnerable imaginations (the Twilight Zone sector of our minds, I fathom). Then a volley of taxing questions rapidly stream forth from our brains, then filtering through our hands, gripping a fountain pen, spilling black ink on clean white stationary!

Some of them might read: why did he kill his parents, who had just taken him in, after separating from his wife, Cynthia Home Petrozzino? Did Sean just suddenly snap, or had he been building up resentments towards Nancy and Michael over a long period of time? I noticed, he was adopted, so I wonder whether this might be a factor. 

Of course, we have to consider what his permanently impaired condition (no hands or feet) had on his state of mind, or rather, we might say, his ability to be healthy, psychologically speaking. I`ve viewed some of the archival footage from 2000, when Sean contracted bacterial meningitis, then had to endure the horrible amputations, where he gives the appearance (as far as what the news cameras tell us) of taking it like a champion. 

But what was really coursing through his mind? I`m going to be impaired for the remainder of my life and I`m not going to resent it: I don`t think so! Then we have to consider, 14 years go by; what happens to Sean`s State-Of-Mind? Does he experience mounting resentments? 

Does he deteriorate? How much does he deteriorate? Why does his rage ultimately surface-up in the direction of his adoptive parents? Could reporters unveil any examples of cruelty or abuse, on the part of Nancy and Michael *(this would make it easier for us to swallow their terrible fate, but otherwise, makes it painful for us).

And then we`re up against how in the world Sean fired this high-powered rifle, which hasn`t yet been found by the police. We`re hearing from experts it can be done, but we`re still left with a great deal of curiosity about a number of items. Such as, what kind of rifle was it? Who owned it? Did it belong to the elderly Petrozzinos or did Sean own it already himself? And I wonder what he did with it? Where did he hide it? 

Did he throw it in a river while escaping to Memphis? Why did he go to Memphis and where was he heading? When he went to the ATM in Orange County, did he take money out of his own account, or was he burning his dead parents? Had he ever practiced shooting a rifle before? 

I bet the answer is yes, since he was able to shoot himself in the head with his automatic pistol, not having hands and all. The overkill is with Michael, so this makes me suspect his father was more the object of his homicidal rancor, tweaked ad infinitum. No, this is a real news story, not the latest creation of a gifted crime-fiction writer (insert your favorite here, I`ll throw in John Grisham); I need to keep this is mind, but still! 

The image of Sean at the ATM grips me by the collar, shaking me forcefully, and rattling my ancient bones like a flimsy, fragile Raggedy Ann Doll; a maniac with no hands and feet? Has Stephen King used that outline yet? Well, Todd Browning did in FREAKS!