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Published:November 17th, 2014 18:50 EST
4 Reasons Why an MIS Degree Is a Good Idea

4 Reasons Why an MIS Degree Is a Good Idea

By SOP newswire2

By Annie Davis

A Management in Information Systems degree (MIS) is a great opportunity for those wanting to break into the field of IT or analytics. With so many career opportunities spawning form this career path, you`ll be able to pick and choose which job title fits you best. Find out why getting an MIS degree is a great idea below.

Gives You Career Flexibility and Prosperity

An MIS degree is so flexible in that you can select which route you want to take with your career as far as job title and responsibilities go, but also which industry you choose to work in as well. With so many different industries operating large scale companies, information systems management is a necessary department in every industry. Whether you want to work with other departments housing hospital administration staff, or you`d rather be set up working for corporate financial industries, you can pick and choose. As long as you hone your IT skills, you`re good to go. Move easily from company to company by practicing a variety of IT management skills. Research education options and see which one appeals most to your needs.

Getting a degree can help you showcase your skills and put you in line for the next promotion. It also makes you more competitive when you`re switching companies. With salaries at a median of $120,000 per year, there is definitely room for growth in this career.

Hones Your Skills to Advance Your Career and Your Salary

Those without a degree have harder times finding jobs. Studying MIS gives you a fighting chance against the heavy competition for jobs in the industry. With an education from an esteemed university, earning your MIS degree will give you the necessary academic knowledge and skills you need to excel in the profession. Whether you want to be a Database Analyst, Webmaster, or Network Administrator, you have every opportunity to practice and learn the entire professional lingo by studying MIS in school.

Get prepared for your career, take on a couple internships, and immerse yourself in the fast-paced world of IT. The more educated you are combined with your years of experience in the field, give you a high advantage on your competitors. The more knowledge and expertise you have, the higher your salary. Take a look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics for more information. There are so many great career options for those who choose to grow here. Go do some research on schools that fit your needs, and get started!

Fits Your Schedule

Schools that offer the MIS degree are not difficult to find, and there are lots of different types of programs available. Whether you`re looking to enroll as part-time or full-time, there`s an MIS degree program that fits your needs. This makes IT an excellent field to join. As it grows exponentially throughout corporate America, more and more students are becoming qualified in MIS.

Prepares You for a Growing Job Market

The information technology field is rapidly expanding. With the growing population coupled with continuing health challenges, there will be no shortage of medical jobs. As a MIS degree holder, you will have the skill set to exploit the growing number of jobs in the IT field, including positions such as Database Analyst, Consultant, Web Developer, Business Analyst, etc. The advanced administrative expertise that you`ll acquire in school will put you in a great position to help lead the field into greater reach and scope. 

Acquiring your MIS degree is a great step toward enhancing your career. Your career starts here. Are you ready?