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Published:November 17th, 2014 12:51 EST

Outrage: Obama Refers to Peter Kassig as 'Abdul-Rahman'! Muslim-Pandering Disgrace!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Islamic State militants have beheaded Peter Kassig, a U.S. aid worker and former Army Ranger who was captured last year in Syria while on a private humanitarian mission, the White House confirmed Sunday.


U.S. officials authenticated a 16-minute video, released on various social networks by the militant group earlier in the day. The video also includes images of the mass beheading of men said to be Syrian government soldiers.

Kassig, 26, became the third U.S. citizen known to have been executed by Islamic State, an Al Qaeda offshoot that controls vast swaths of territory in Syria and neighboring Iraq. The group arose amid the tumult of the Syrian conflict, now in its fourth year."

Los Angeles Times

Today we offer our prayers and condolences to the parents and family of Abdul-Rahman Kassig, also known to us as Peter. "

President Obama

Obama`s announcement after the beheading of Peter Kasig by the ISIS terrorists perfectly encapsulates why mainstream America loathes him with a passion.

When I read that Obama referred to the victim as " Abdul-Rahman Kassig, also known to us as Peter" I felt like throwing up.

Kassig supposedly converted to Islam while he was being held captive by ISIS, such conversations should be taken with a grain of salt.

The most likely scenario is that the Islamic terrorists forced him to convert to Islam under threat of torture, although there`s also the possibility that he converted to Islam in a desperate attempt to appease his captors and save his life.

In an event, for Obama to refer to Peter as " Abdul-Rahman " exposes the president`s mindset of pandering and subservience to the Muslim world.

I can understand Peter`s parents playing along with the charade of his conversion to Islam; they would do anything to save his life. But for Obama to take Peter`s conversion to Islam seriously speaks either of his stupidity or his pandering nature.

RIP Peter Kassig

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