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Published:November 18th, 2014 13:24 EST
Ferguson Is Tightly Coiled, with Inevitable Acquittal In the Cards for Darren Wilson!

Ferguson Is Tightly Coiled, with Inevitable Acquittal In the Cards for Darren Wilson!

By John G. Kays

The FBI assesses those infiltrating and exploiting otherwise legitimate public demonstrations with the intent to incite and engage in violence could be armed with bladed weapons or firearms, equipped with tactical gear/gas masks, or bulletproof vests to mitigate law enforcement measures. FBI bulletin - a warning about Ferguson

I`m feeling most uneasy about escalating trouble in Ferguson, Mo., as we anticipate the verdict of the grand jury, regarding the culpability of Officer Darren Wilson in the August 9th shooting of Michael Brown. Not that I have any exclusive inside information that would tend to color my opinion, that terrible unrest is likely; well, I guess I should point out, this opinion has already been reported and publicly promulgated by most of our prominent news organizations. 

This is to say, both the protestors and the police are highly motivated, intensely mobilized, markedly organized, and ready for the final, fatal decision. The decision itself has already been projected (by both sides) as one of acquittal for Darren Wilson; this is, as I see it, the heart and soul of all this trouble. Another popular pronouncement, hinted at by legitimate media outlets, is the notion that the unrest, the social upheaval, will radiate outward from its Ferguson center (go viral, if you like), spreading like wildfire throughout most other major U.S. cities.

These high levels of alert and such a kinetically-charged atmosphere, act as a tightening coil on society-at-large, with the media tossing gasoline on the bonfire, as they give us small bits of news, such as Gov. Jay Nixon has already declared this a state of emergency, allowing him to mobilize the Missouri National Guard.

Of course, he says they`ll just be in a supportive role; naturally, the protesters are suspicious that there`s more to it than this. Most of us tend to believe the Governor feels more comfortable, knowing that any time, he can militarize local municipal police forces, such as St. Louis. Does Jay Nixon already know Wilson`s gonna getaway, scott free? 

We are suspicious Nixon knows this is true already! There are higher and higher levels of paranoia, running through and through this entire mounting social situation, which seems to gain steam, percolating with incendiary references from American Civil Rights` History! Pick what you like; it`s all there and has validity and continuity - Slavery and The American Civil War, Jim Crow, the KKK, MLK`s assassination and its aftermath, Emmett Till, Malcolm X, the unfair acquittal of white LA cops in the Rodney King beating, Trayvon Martin (actually, the list is infinite).

Fearing I was morphing irrational myself, I committed to some study and re-assessment this morning, hoping the brewing problem could be looked at with more detachment, with the belief that a rosier, more peaceful scene is just as likely an outcome, as violent, civil pandemonium. It`s most unfortunate, a positive take on the storm we see taking shape, was/is not my take-away, from rumination on available data (the above FBI bulletin is one example of why I can`t shake-off an inevitable, Doomsday prediction)

I will say, however, a New York Times piece (linked below) provided me with needed, very comprehensive, educational summaries of the Michael Brown shooting (along with the mayhem that followed it), and with good portrayals of the various protest groups, as far as how they are organized, and what tactics they`ll likely employ, once the decision is finally rendered. If you`d like to understand just how serious they are, you`ll make a point to watch the video. 

We`re talking about civil disobedience, which might escalate to something far worse. The police and the protestors are not coming to terms with one another, anymore than The President is with a Republican-dominated Congress. This analogy is apt enough on so many levels; I`ll let you pick and choose, as we tensely stand by our television sets - the truthful voice of HISTORY beckons us forward, with so many set-backs along a perilous path!