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Published:November 18th, 2014 18:35 EST

Russian Dashboard Cam Captures Hellacious UFO

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Something big and bright recently exploded in the sky over Russia`s Sverdlovsk region, but this doesn`t look like your typical meteor explosion. Fortunately for us, it was all captured on several Russian dashboard cameras.


The Sverdlovsk explosion happened on November 14, but it`s taken a while to filter out to the rest of the internet. Still, it`s started popping up all over, and E1 got ahold of two solid videos that show the strange orange glow that makes the pitch black sky suddenly look like it`s on fire."


Something big, bright and bodacious exploded over Russia, fortunately dashboard cams are as ubiquitous as drunken Russians passed out in subways, and one of them captured the astonishing spectacle.

What in tarnation caused this spectacular explosion over Russia`s Sverdlovsk region? Was Putin testing a death laser weapon? Was it a meteorite? The Rapture? An extraterrestrial`s fart catching on fire?

If you are as inebriated as the average Russian you might conclude it`s a UFO, if you are religiously-minded you might be wondering why Jesus left you behind, but if you are a level-headed human being you will agree it`s only a meteorite.

But watch the video and decide for yourself:


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