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Published:November 18th, 2014 15:49 EST

UFO Spotted Over Australia Via Google Earth: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A UFO was observed in Victoria, Australia on Nov. 12 with the help of Google Earth. YouTube user Scott McMahon uploaded a video of the finding on YouTube with the title: ufo coastal victoria."


International Business Times

Normal folks use Google Earth to check out the houses of their friends, colleagues and family members, nutjobs use Google Earth to search for UFOs.

Speaking of space cadets, McMahon is convinced his UFO is real because it moves with a tilt. My Frisbee moves with a tilt, but I don`t contact the media every time I toss it around.

I realize that my readers would rather spend their time watching home-made videos of their favorite celebs knocking boots, but check out McMahon`s video. Is Australia on the verge of a UFO invasion or does Scotty Boy have way too much time on his hands?

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