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Published:November 19th, 2014 12:51 EST
Miss Honduras, Maria Jose Alvarado, and Her Sister Murdered by Plutarco Ruiz, Boyfriend of Sofia Trinidad! Why?

Miss Honduras, Maria Jose Alvarado, and Her Sister Murdered by Plutarco Ruiz, Boyfriend of Sofia Trinidad! Why?

By John G. Kays

It`s hard to understand how and why Miss Honduras, Maria Jose Alvarado, along with her sister, Sofia Trinidad, just suddenly disappear last Thursday (11/13). My lack of understanding is partially cleared up (somewhat), after reading a small sidebar that appeared in The Daily Mail, telling you just how violent Honduras is. 

San Pedro Sula is the most violent city on the earth, averaging 3 murders per day (3.3 a day, with a total of 1,218 homicides in 2012 alone). Miss Honduras lives in Santa Barbara, but I don`t know whether this is much of a saving grace, in a country run by thuggish drug cartels (as such, the criminals probably control the entire country). High levels of poverty are a good way of explaining why the drug trade, and thereby ubiquitous violence, has an iron grip here. 

Apparently, Maria wasn`t kidnapped, since the culprits haven`t demanded a ransom; but we hear Miss Honduras and her sister got in a Champagne-colored car (without license plates), heading to a party at a resort (a spa) outside of their town, Santa Barbara. (Miss Honduras Is Target of Search-The New York Times)

I watched some footage of Maria Jose Alvarado receiving the crown last April; she`s a very lovely young lady, but she`s only 19-years-old, so this is what really troubles me! Maria was on her way to London on Sunday, gearing up for Miss World with a dress fitting, but as sad it is to say, it doesn`t look like this trip will happen for Maria. 

It has been reported, I might point out, that the National Police have a good idea who did this, even implicating Sofia`s boyfriend (Plutarco Ruiz) somehow, along with the owner of this supposed resort (if that is, in fact, what it was).

Okay, so this fact makes me feel a lot better (there`s an ironic tone in my voice)! Now that we know who did it, we have to ask why they did it; and what it is they did? Did they kill the sisters just for the hell of it? Were they jealous of the beauty queen`s success? And then, finally, I must express my skepticism about the National Police (the director is Ramon Sabillon-NYT)  doing anything about it, or actually arresting the bad guys who did this (before I read the news!). 

Arresting Cartel Lords is a risky business to get into; especially when they are your boss who gives you a paycheck! PS They just found them buried and murdered! The boyfriend, Plutarco Ruiz, shot and buried them! Time now to find out the motive; who was Plutarco working for?