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Published:November 20th, 2014 09:55 EST

Viral Video: Giant Panda Frolics in the Snow

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Toronto Zoo`s giant panda Da Mao has been captured on CCTV indulging in a spot of `bear-bogganing.` Emerging from its den to find fresh snowfall, the delighted animal was quick to make the most of the wintry conditions. His reactions are almost human-like! The bear rolls in the snow and grabs onto a branch of bamboo to help him slide down the hill."



After being pounded with more than six feet of snow, you won`t find many citizens in Buffalo frolicking in the white stuff.

But giant panda Da Mao can`t get enough of the snow, he reacted like a human child, sliding down a hill and having the time of his life.

With all the sad and tragic news, we all need an adorable viral video to brighten our day, I bet even the good folks in Buffalo will enjoy this video.

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