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Published:November 22nd, 2014 10:51 EST

Viral Video: Meet Queso the Pit Bull Who is Terrified of Doorways

By Robert Paul Reyes

Pit Bulls are fearless; they will confront a coyote, a mountain lion or a bear to protect their owners.


Meet Queso (Spanish for Cheese) the Pit Bull who is terrified of (are you ready for this?) doorways.

But Braveheart that he is, the pooch doesn`t give in to his doorway phobia. Queso puts his fears behind him, by entering doorways backwards.

I own a dog who is half Pit Bull, and I`m well aware that bravery is a hallmark of the breed. I guarantee that if an intruder breaks into his house, Queso will confront him head on.

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