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Published:November 23rd, 2014 11:32 EST

Alien Skull Spotted on the Surface of Mars? More UFO Tomfoolery? Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Images of the so-called skull, some of which have been digitally altered to prove the specifics, were posted by UFO Sightings Daily on Wednesday. Originally, the images were captured by NASA`s Mars Spirit rover at the Gusev Crater.


While most critics will argue that the structure in the image is most likely a rock which somewhat appears to look like a skull in the Martian soil, the blog claims otherwise, even going as far as digitally adding teeth and [a] lower nostril bone to show how the specifics could fit in, Epoch Times reported."

Headline and Global News

Most scientists and regular folks would be thrilled if NASA`s Mars Spirit rover discovered definitive proof that microorganisms once existed on the Red Planet.

But the flying saucer crowd wants the whole enchilada; they won`t be satisfied until the rover unearths the fossilized remains of Martians.

If the rover fails to find conclusive evidence of intelligent life on Mars, the will simply manufacture it. Images of the so-call skull look just like a rock to normal people, only UFO fanatics imagine it`s a skull. They will even go to the extremes of digitally adding teeth and a nostril bone to try to convince skeptics.

Enough of this UFO tomfoolery, there`s no giant skull on Mars and there are no UFO`s hovering over our cities on Earth.

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