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Published:November 24th, 2014 14:57 EST

Playboy Bunny Claims Bill Cosby Fondled Her During Christmas Eve Dinner With His Family!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Playboy bunny says Bill Cosby was hot on her tail after a Christmas Eve dinner with his family.

Sarita Butterfield, now 59 and living in the Bronx, said the married Cosby came on to her in his Massachusetts home with his wife and their five kids in the house.


`He pinned me against the corner in that guest house,`  Butterfield told the Daily News about the Dec. 24, 1974, incident. I said,   `Your family`s here! What are doing?` That didn`t faze him."

New York Daily News

Christmas is that time of the year when folks, Christians and non-Christians alike, then of family and friends.

But a serial rapist doesn`t take time off during the holidays, his mindset is always " how can I exert my power of women, and defile them"?

Alleged serial rapist Bill Cosby`s mind wasn`t on his wife and children on Christmas Eve 1974, he tried to force himself on a Playboy Bunny with his wife and five children in the same house.

Cosby is the one who should have been wearing the bunny outfit; he`s the one who ruts like a rabbit.

For the love of God people, how much more evidence do you need that Cosby is guilty of rape?

Boycott Bill Cosby!

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