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Published:November 25th, 2014 12:20 EST
An Indictment of Darren Wilson Only Possible Ruling, Instead McCulloch Announces Acquittal!

An Indictment of Darren Wilson Only Possible Ruling, Instead McCulloch Announces Acquittal!

By John G. Kays

Somehow, I was already aware of Darren Wilson`s acquittal, even when factoring in Bob McCulloch`s tardiness to the podium; it`s as if I envisioned him rehearsing off stage, how he`d deliver the acquittal smoothly and nonchalantly, while (being) fully aware his words would unleash unrest, resulting in wild vandalism and random violence (police or protesters?). 

It`s as if he was an actor playing out a role in a movie made for TV; while I know this is not the case, nevertheless, these were the thoughts rolling through my head as I watched his (staged) presentation. McCulloch had no intention of indicting Darren Wilson, one of his own, so I don`t think people waiting patiently in anticipation of the ruling, should have felt surprised by what he had to say. 

Had the grand jury ruled to indict the white officer, then this would be a reason for surprise! It is fortunate that the Department of Justice is conducting their own investigation; I suspect a very different outcome with the Feds (this is a reasonable expectation on my part).

You might remember, McCulloch made a point to say the media was getting the story wrong the entire time, right from the get go, starting on August 9th. This tipped me off right away, that he (and the grand jury) were skewing the evidence in the direction of Wilson, in order to get him off the hook. I know that`s wrong! The media wasn`t getting a false scoop; the cops tried to cover it up as early as a few minutes after the shooting. 

Michael Brown`s body lay lifeless in the street, shot to ribbons and humiliated by the police, for more than four hours. One piece of evidence that`s incapable of distorting the truth is the audio tape. Most of us have heard this tape multiple times; there are two clusters of shots (11 shots all together). This is hard to believe, but is true nonetheless, shot his gun 11 times.

The second cluster, which would include the final, fatal, head shot, clearly exposes the rapidity of Wilson`s service revolver, as he executes a young, unarmed black man in the middle of the street. Darren knew Brown couldn`t do him any harm, but he kills him anyway.

An indictment, I believe, is really the only conclusion the grand jury could have reached! An acquittal does two things: one, it assures that Wilson will now have to leave town permanently, and slither unseen into seclusion, for the rest of his days, something along the lines of a federal witness protection program, where a member of La Costa Nostra Rats-out his compadres, joined together by a blood oath (you can run with the analogy for the Police Culture, but don`t blame me when you go there)

The second unsavory outcome of letting this cop off the hook, is that the community of Ferguson can kiss it goodbye! There`s not going to be such a community anymore; they practically burned it down last night (Dollar Tree, Walgreen`s, and Little Caesars Pizza got it but good), and they`ll probably go ahead and finish it off over the next few weeks! 

In a few short years, Ferguson will just be a Ghost Town; a picture postcard families buy when visiting it on vacation. Something along the lines of Tombstone, Arizona, where Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday, and those wicked Clanton Brothers shot it up at Ok Corral. Does Darren Wilson better resemble Wyatt Earp, or is he closer to Billy Clanton? He looks like the Bad Guy to me, with only a minor scrape on his eye. I`m glad Brown got in a punch before he was blown away by a trigger-happy cop! Wilson is gone, never to be heard from or seen again, I`ll confidently predict!