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Published:November 25th, 2014 20:36 EST

Bill Cosby's Career is Dead! The Public Hates Him And He's Anathema to Corporations

By Robert Paul Reyes

"As sexual assault allegations mount against Bill Cosby, consumers` perception of the entertainer is taking a nosedive, according to a new survey.


The Marketing Arm, a unit of Omnicom Group that ranks perceptions of celebrities based on online polls, said new survey results show that Mr. Cosby, once the third-most trusted celebrity in its database, now ranks at No. 2,615. (Marketing Arm has over 3000 celebrities in its database.)

About a year ago, the 77-year-old comedian had ranked alongside celebrities such as Betty White, Brian Williams and Tom Hanks. However, Mr. Cosby now ranks alongside the likes of Manti Te`O, the former Notre Dame linebacker that was embroiled in a fake-girlfriend controversy in 2012, the company said."

Wall Street Journal

Not too long ago Bill Cosby was as beloved as Santa Claus and as trusted as Mother Teresa. Cosby`s wholesome image was highly prized by corporations; he was  as a pitchman for Jell-O, Coca-Cola, E.F Hutton and Kodak. In 2011, he was the first winner of the President`s Award for Contributions to Advertising, from the Advertising Hall of Fame.

An unrepentant serial rapist, alleged or otherwise, is anathema to advertisers, these days Cosby would be lucky to be hired as a spokesman for a condom company or an online casino.

If the Jell-O Company had their druthers they would love to see Cosby drown in a vat of Jell-O, and the average person wouldn`t buy any product endorsed by the disgraced celebrity.

How the mighty have fallen, Cosby pre-rape scandal was the third most trusted celebrity, now he ranks at No. 2,615. A redneck reality star like Mama June, who has a penchant for dating child molesters, is more likely to garner an endorsement deal than the alleged serial rapist Bill Cosby.

Cosby`s career as an entertainer and pitchman is dead; he should do the right thing and shut the hell up, and never leave his mansion. The next thing I want to read about Cosby is his obituary.

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