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Published:November 25th, 2014 12:41 EST

Sinkhole Swallows Lady in Australian Back Yard

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A woman hanging laundry on a clothesline in a Melbourne, Australia, back yard fell 10 feet into a sinkhole and had to tread water at the bottom, rescuers said.


Melissa Beaumont said her mother, Christina Beaumont, 52, was visiting an elderly friend to help with household chores Tuesday when she fell into the backyard sinkhole."


No good deed goes unpunished ...

When you help an elderly citizen by hanging laundry on a clothesline and the earth swallows you up, you can be sure that the universe is conspiring against you and you might as well resign yourself to a life of abject misery.

Australia is no place for wimps: If a dingo doesn`t kidnap your baby, a kangaroo fight will break out on your front lawn, or a sink hole will devour  you in your back yard.

Firefighters used ropes to help Beaumont out of the hole, and she wasn`t seriously injured. Beaumont shouldn`t step foot outside her home unless she`s armed with a cross, a Bible and a lucky rabbit`s foot.  

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