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Published:November 26th, 2014 10:30 EST

Bill Cosby Biographer: I Was Wrong Not to Address Sexual Assault Allegations! Duh!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Author Mark Whitaker has acknowledged that he should have addressed the sexual assault allegations against Bill Cosby in his recently published biography Cosby: His Life and Times. 
`I was wrong to not deal with the sexual assault charges against Cosby and pursue them more aggressively, he Tweeted on Monday in response to a column penned by The New York Times`s David Carr."



The first casualty of the Bill Cosby scandal should be Mark Whitaker; any publisher who publishes any future books by this hack should be boycotted.

Did Mark Whitaker, who is black, fail to mention the multitude of allegations of rape against Cosby because he didn`t want to bring down a black entertainer?

As a journalist Whitaker`s primary responsibility should be to the truth, and he shouldn`t be afraid to expose the crimes of a fellow black man.

Whitaker is the former Executive Vice President and managing editor for CNN Worldwide, he shouldn`t be allowed to teach a community college class on journalism 101.

To write a 545-page biography of Cosby and not mention the rape allegations is like writing a biography of Hitler and concentrating on his aspirations to be a painter, and failing to mention that he killed over 6 million Jews.

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