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Published:November 27th, 2014 13:46 EST
Deandre Joshua`s Murder in Ferguson Chalk-Full of More Coincidence?

Deandre Joshua`s Murder in Ferguson Chalk-Full of More Coincidence?

By John G. Kays

Today`s Thanksgiving, so I it probably would be a lot better for me not to keep dwelling on Ferguson (for the time being). I`m doing my best and even have NBC`s Macy`s Thanksgiving Day Parade tuned in;  in spite of this, my thoughts return to the tremendous surge of tumult, via Ferguson; specifically, I`m focused on the homicide of DeAndre Joshua, 20, which has some most unusual circumstances associated with it. 

First off, obviously, why was DeAndre Joshua killed? And was he murdered by some of the badder protesters, the very night when Wilson`s acquittal was announced (Monday, November 24th)? Probably the most difficult question is, was DeAndre shot to death and burned by fellow, young Black Men? 

If so, what was their motive, or how does this make any sense? Why would they shoot one of their own Brothers, when the object of their wrath should have been racist Whites? I`m completely confused, so I guess I better back up a bit, and just look at the scatter of facts, until some more reliable evidence becomes available.

I took notice of this very disconcerting story Tuesday night, when MSNBC`s Chris Hayes was interviewing Dorian Johnson (the key eyewitness to the Michael Brown shooting); it turns out Dorian was friend of DeAndre`s also, and he was actually killed just a short distance from where Brown got it, on Canfield Drive. The body was found in a white Pontiac sedan near Owen Drive and Windward Court at around 9 AM Tuesday (after a horrific night of burning and looting). Are they related? 

Okay, so we now have a new key eyewitness (just like Dorian Johnson) to the DeAndre Joshua homicide, Richard Taylor, a neighbor who lives on Samana Drive. What Taylor saw that night, or maybe it was a wee hour of the morn by then (Tuesday, November 25th), is hardly believable, although I don`t doubt it really happened. 

Taylor saw 4 men with guns outside his apartment, who were talking about looting, and they were even saying they wanted to kill someone (St. Louis Post-Dispatch). Of course, we don`t know that these men murdered Joshua, but we have to be suspicious.

I`m trying to juggle some of these socially complex component parts, but I`m getting nowhere fast; in fact, even more confusion prevails! A light just now comes on, and I realize, the same thing occurred with Michael Brown; as more time goes by, the contours of the crime just blur further and further. I have to ask, is this a Black on Black crime? If the four men were the killers, and if they were also Black, then this would appear to be the case! 

Of course, I speculate wildly, but is it possible these 4 men are affiliated with some organized group, criminal in nature, who came to Ferguson with the express purpose of disruption, havoc, mayhem, looting, arson, and even murder on their minds? I`m out there in Speculation Dreamland, I know, but this one is hard to figure! Nor will it go away anytime soon, so as I can get some peace of mind on this Blessed Day of Thanksgiving (as it us).

 I suspect the same is true for many of us Americans. Did DeAndre Joshua, perhaps, know too much about this nefarious groups` activities? Was he silenced because he threatened to go to the police? Who can identify these four men with guns? Does the FBI know who they are? Taylor, were they White Men?