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Published:November 27th, 2014 20:47 EST

Old Fart Invents Fart Pills That Give Gas the Scent of Chocolate: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Frenchman has developed a range of pills aimed at making people`s flatulence smell sweeter - of chocolate or of roses - which he says will make the perfect Christmas present.


The 65-year-old artist and inventor says his pills are aimed at easing indigestion and are made of 100 percent natural ingredients such as fennel, seaweed and blueberries.

The pills are sold on the internet under the Lutin Malin (Crafty Imp) website and have been approved by health authorities."

The Telegraph

The old fart says the anti-fart pill was inspired by a particularly flatulent meal with friends. If this old coot invites you to a meal with his elderly friends, you`d be well-advised to wear a gas mask.

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but a fart, regardless how many fart pills you swallow will still smell like a fart.

I doubt that anything that comes out of an arse hole is going to smell like chocolate or roses. There`s nothing nastier than an old fart`s fart, this elderly inventor should be marketing butt plugs, not fart pills to his fellow senior citizens.

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