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Published:November 30th, 2014 10:45 EST

Passenger Kicked Off Plane After Pet Pig Goes Postal

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A woman was booted from a US Airways flight in Connecticut because her pet pig was pacing around and stinking up the cabin, passengers said on Friday.


Other travelers thought the woman was schlepping a dark-colored duffle bag over her shoulder, when she boarded the plane on Wednesday, they said.

But it turned out to be a 70-pound pot-bellied pig, which became disruptive before the plane took off, a spokesman for the airline told ABC News."

New York Post

I hate to fly, who wants to deal with the fear of terrorism, TSA goons checking your orifices, and passengers who act like pigs. We`ve all had to endure passengers who trim their toenails, fart with abandon, and eat stinky food.

But imagine seating next to a real pig that will not only grunt but fart and crap. I`d rather sit next to a passenger wearing a suicide vest and chanting "God is great. "

The crazy woman was able to bring her pig onboard the plane because she claimed it was an emotional-support animal.

I`m all for service dogs and therapy animals, but boarding a plane with a pig is insane!

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