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Published:December 1st, 2014 14:05 EST

Star Wars Drama! Are All Stormtroopers Supposed to be White Clones? Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The first person you see in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser is British actor John Boyega, looking dazed, confused and sweaty in an intergalactic desert. Notably, he`s wearing a Stormtrooper outfit.


While most people were pretty excited to see the human face of an Imperial soldier in the early material from the forthcoming JJ Abrams film, others took to Twitter to voice their dissatisfaction that a black man had been cast as one."

The Telegraph

Science fiction fans can spend an inordinate amount of time arguing over trivial matters: Can a Star Trek phaser set on stun kill a Ferengi? Who would win a fight, a Stormtrooper brandishing a lightsaber or a Klingon wielding a  Bat`leth? Are all Stormtroopers white clones?

I don` t know if Stormtroopers are supposed to be white clones or if Darth Vader was compensating for being born with a small unit by carrying a long lightsaber, but who really cares? It`s a movie! It`s fantasy!

Instead of being overjoyed that a new Star Wars movie will soon be released, some wankers have their panties in a twist because a black actor is portraying a Stormtrooper.

I don`t care if a Stormtrooper is white, black, or purple as long as he delivers the action I crave in a Star Wars movie.

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