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Published:December 1st, 2014 15:24 EST

Viral Video: Pigeon Outsmarts Cat

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Pigeons are not usually regarded as the animal kingdom`s cleverest creatures.


However, one pigeon proved that he was a little bit craftier than the cat that wanted him for lunch, when he was able to outsmart the feline and avoid attack."

The Independent

Cats are cute, cuddly and clever, not surprisingly there are thousands, if not millions, of cat videos on the Internet.

Pigeons are pesky and they have a penchant for pooping on your head, not surprisingly there aren`t too many videos featuring pigeons on YouTube.

This may be the only video featuring a cat and a pigeon, that doesn`t end with the cat snacking on the silly bird.

Enjoy watching this unique video that depicts a pigeon outsmarting a cat.