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Published:December 2nd, 2014 13:16 EST
Events Surrounding Execution of Michael Brown in Ferguson, A Seamless Unfolding of American History!

Events Surrounding Execution of Michael Brown in Ferguson, A Seamless Unfolding of American History!

By John G. Kays

If you can find Wichita Sutra Vortex, a solo piano piece by Philip Glass, it would be nice; this is what I`m listening to while writing. It speaks to me when I say, you need not separate out these various stories on Ferguson, they`re all episodes or chapters of one seamless book, which we might refer to as living, breathing, American History, which streams forth continuously, as a vivid narrative of the current state of our country. 

It`s important to grasp the significance of all details projected, where nothing can be discarded as trivia, if we hope to understand what these current events mean, or are telling us. The 5 St. Louis Rams holding their hands up synchs in with prior moments of courage displayed by athletes; Muhammad Ali refusing to be drafted for the Vietnam War, along with the black power salute of John Carlos and Tommie Smith, made during the 1968 Olympics, fuse gracefully with the Ram players support of an injured community, after a highly questionable acquittal of Darren Wilson. 

All 3 of these events are memorable, because they show displays of courage, giving support for a cause that`s not going anywhere soon, anymore than the issue of Slavery was going to disappear, when John Brown staged his raid on Harper`s Ferry. A white policeman can not not murder a black man in the streets of America, and expect he`s just going to walk away free (History doesn`t work that way).

I repeat, these individual stories work together as one fabric, in the latest chapter of American History; this means the earlier components come back in play, as events unfold dynamically after August 9th, like capricious dominoes tumbling over, one after another on a large board (the Board is not a game, it`s our collective History). 

These same questions have surfaced many times before; who has control of our streets, The People or the police? How do we define deadly force? Why should Muhammad Ali go and kill innocent people in Vietnam? Did Darren Wilson really believe Michael Brown posed a threat to him, when the teenager had no weapon? Does he expect us to believe, that if Brown had been a white man, he would have reacted the very same way? 

Why did an assistant prosecutor introduce an out-of-date law of Missouri to the Grand Jury, which says it`s okay to shoot to death a fleeing suspect (see Lawrence O`Donnell)? Doesn`t this blunder nullify the Grand Jury`s decision? I say it does! Will Ferguson quiet down now, reverting back to it`s tried and true (Racist) procedures, as far as how Black citizens and it`s predominantly white police force interact? 

There`s only a POSITIVE NO to that dumb question! Once a Force of History begins, it hardly can reverse itself! Could Lincoln reverse his Emancipation Proclamation? No he couldn`t! Remember, John Brown knew he would hang, but he died in good conscience - he`d laid the seeds of Slavery`s inevitable demise!

The notion that Michael Brown, a veritable Hulk Hogan, was charging towards Wilson, about to pummel him, is consummately absurd! The Black teenager had already been shot several times and was simply pleading for the officer to spare his life, but that didn`t happen. The audio tape shows no pauses between the final, say, 5 shots; therefore, by this point, Wilson was fully intent on shooting this poor man to death. 

Another shooting I`ll put forth is also seamless with the various, continuous components, making the news since August 9th (at this point, there are hundreds of events worth noting); I`m talking about Deandre Joshua`s execution-like shooting the morning after the verdict was read, and the horrendous riots that followed (an unlikely decision). 

I suspect, whoever killed Joshua, thought it would slip unnoticed, beneath the radar of the riots (which captured our undivided attention). This didn`t happen! Was his death related to the sickening verdict and the mayhem that was a result of this outrageous injustice? Most likely it was, but the exact connection hasn`t yet been uncovered (see: Another Killing in Ferguson Leaves a Family Grappling With the Unknown, by Jack Healy-The New York Times). 

As such, with renewed coverage, detectives will apply more time and resources to Deandre Joshua`s fishy case. If and when they solve this one, the entire Ferguson Affair will receive a new coat of paint, changing the way we view this Big Picture Scenario; why was a second young black man killed, just a short distance from the August 9th controversial slaying? I sense the solution to Joshua goes to the heart of the answer for Michael Brown. Both are left as Martyrs, yet, if the true connection is made, it`s combustible gasoline! Don`t know why I know this, but I do.