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Published:December 2nd, 2014 13:20 EST

The St. Louis Rams' 'Hands Up' Ferguson Stunt a Disgrace! NFL Doesn't Need Another Black Eye!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Five players for the St. Louis Rams angered a city police group Sunday when they took the field with their hands raised overhead in the `hands up, don`t shoot` gesture that has become emblematic of protests in Ferguson, Missouri, where unarmed black teenager Michael Brown was shot dead in August.


The St. Louis Police Officers Association said in a statement that it was profoundly disappointed with the players who chose to ignore a mountain of evidence from the grand jury that did not indict police officer Darren Wilson for killing Brown. The display, the group said, was tasteless, offensive and inflammatory, and they have called on the NFL to discipline the players and issue a public apology for the players` actions."

US News and World Report

For proper context read my essay:

Ferguson Meme `Hands Up, Don`t Shoot` Based on a Damn Lie!

The ` hands up` gesture by the five St. Louis Rams players was an insult to the police officers in the St. Louis area who risk their lives to serve and protect the community. In essence they are accusing peace officers of shooting unarmed black men who have their hands raised in submission, this is a damnable lie.

Rams tight end Jared Cook, one of the players who made the offensive gesture said: I just think there has to be change.   No matter what happened on that day, no matter how the whole situation went down, there has to be a change.

Bullcrap! By participating in the "hands up" protest he is spreading the very specific and false narrative that Michael Brown had his hands raised up when he was shot by police officer Darren Wilson.

Not only was the "hands up" gesture an affront to the police, but it was also a slap in the face to the fans. Football is a distraction and a refuge from the trials and tribulations of life and from society`s ills -- how dare the players make a political statement on the football field.

The St. Louis Rams players who participated in the demonstration won`t be disciplined by the Rams organization or the NFL, nor should they be penalized for their immature publicity stunt. But if I lived in St. Louis I would never again attend a Rams` game.

I would refuse to be entertained by athletes who expressed solidarity with a thug, and insulted the police officers who perform a thankless and dangerous job.

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