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Published:December 3rd, 2014 12:09 EST

Dale Scott Becomes First Openly Gay active Major League Baseball Umpire

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Major League Baseball umpire Dale Scott is the first active male official to come out as gay in the four major professional American sports leagues. 


Scott discussed his sexuality in an interview with OutSports published Tuesday. He previously came out in the October issue of Referee magazine, in which the umpire was profiled. "

Sports Illustrated

When Scott came out of the closet in the October issue of Referee magazine nobody noticed, because only referees and their groupies reads the damn publication.

But his interview with Out Sports created quite a buzz, but it will be impossible to tell if there will be a backlash.

Baseball umpires are universally reviled, "kill the umpire" is a common refrain at a baseball game. Any homophobic remarks will get lost in the cacophony of condemnation hurled at him.

An active baseball player coming out of the closet will be a big deal, but an umpire outing himself is as noteworthy as a serial killer announcing he`s gay.

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