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Published:December 5th, 2014 11:18 EST

Hillary Clinton's Theme Song an Abomination! Straight from the Pit of Hell! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Looks like someone beat Katy Perry to writing a theme song for Hillary Clinton` 2016 campaign.


`Stand with Hillary,` a PAC geared towards working families and Latinos, released this country ballad last month. The song features a chorus of "Now it`s time for us to stand up with Hillary.`"

ABC News

Hillary Clinton is firmly ensconced in the one percent, I can envision Hillary listening to jazz, classical music or opera, but I`m damn sure no country music is on her iPod.

It`s a damn shame that a country (the music of common folks) ballad is being used as a theme song to promote the presidential candidacy of a privileged and arrogant politician.

I don`t know the name of the country singer crooning the Clinton theme song, and I made no effort to find out, I`m not about to give this shill any publicity.

The images of blue collar workers featured on this video are an antithesis of the gilded lifestyle of the Clintons.

Obama turned out to be a joke, but ain`t no theme song (official or otherwise) ever gonna beat "Crush on Obama":

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