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Published:December 8th, 2014 14:53 EST

Wheel of Fortune Pat Sajak's Comment About Audience Member Cruel Beyond Comprehension! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"During Friday night`s broadcast, a contestant named Eben advanced to the final spin and as Wheel of Fortune always does, they had a quick interview with the hopeful winner. Pat Sajak asked who Eben had brought with him and that`s when he suggested his friend `Brandon` was in the crowd.


As usual, the camera panned to `Brandon` who appeared a bit nervous that he was on camera.

When the shot returned to Pat Sajak, the Wheel of Fortune host couldn`t help but laugh over `Brandon`s` questionable look and awkward appearance which lead to the long time face of the game show to suggest `Brandon` would be off the medication soon. "


In 1981 Pat Sajak took over the duties as host on Wheel of Fortune from the creepy Chuck Woolery, and for decades with his fetching letter-turner Vanna White by his side, he has been a welcome guest in our living rooms.

But his charm is started to wear off years ago -- the beautiful and gracious Vanna White can`t compensate for Sajak`s creepy toupee or his snarky comments.

Sajak`s latest snarky comment aimed at an audience member was way over the line. Bloggers and stand-up comics can get away with mean comments (most of the time), but a game show host must be affable and friendly at all times.

It`s time for Sajak to retire or be fired!

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