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Published:December 9th, 2014 13:09 EST
Kathy Blair, a Popular Music Teacher in Austin, is Murdered! Who Did It and Why?

Kathy Blair, a Popular Music Teacher in Austin, is Murdered! Who Did It and Why?

By John G. Kays

The homicide of a popular Austin music teacher, Kathy Blair, 53, is sending rippling shock waves through our community! I`ll have to include myself with those who are startled by Ms Kathy`s death, although I knew nothing about her until last night, when watching the 5:00 PM edition of KXAN (1203 on Time Warner), as is usually the case for me. 

I suppose I was puzzled, as others probably were as well, by the fact that Kathy Blair, as presented in the news, was a much loved and dedicated teacher to so many young people, who had the opportunity to be mentored by her in the music arts (as I understand it). I got busy but fast, checking out sources to see what I could find out, as far as who might have killed her, and then, of course, I am most curious to know the reason this was done, as I`m sure you join with me in this curiosity.

A spokesperson for the Austin Police Department, Surei Scanlon when speaking to a local news camera, told us the neighborhood is not in danger from the culprit who killed Ms Kathy; this is a clue to me that APD knows who the killer is!

Kathy Blair (she ran the Christian Choral Society of Austin) met her end in far Northwest Austin, in the 4600 block of Tamarack Trail, which is located just west of the Mopac, and a bit north of Parmer Lane; her body was found at around noon on Saturday by a family member who called 911. I haven`t had a chance to drive up (coming from far Southwest Austin) to the location of the crime, but may get around to it later today (or perhaps tomorrow). 

Observing the actual scene usually is quite a bit more fruitful than simply just watching local coverage on TV (combining both of them together is the best way to go, I`ve found). One item I noticed, however, really jarred me, as far as what may have played out here (either late Friday night or perhaps, early Saturday morning).

That is, an Austin American Statesman piece (Police identify Northwest Austin homicide victim, Andrew McLemore), mentions that neighbors saw a man in his 20s nervously lurking about on that street (Tamarack Trail), actually, in front of Blair`s recently rented home; and think about this, he had blood on his pants. 

Duh, Duh, dead give away (lobbing a softball to detectives)! This disturbing fact, coupled with what Surei Scanlon (APD spokesperson) has hinted at, leads me to guess that APD Homicide Detectives already are most aware of this shifty individual`s identity!

Although it hasn`t yet been disclosed, I suspect Kathy Blair`s death was the result of blunt force trauma (bludgeoning), where her killer used a weapon, such as a wood baseball bat or a lead pipe. These are just examples; I don`t know what was used. This makes me think her killer somehow got heated and picked up whatever was closest by to strike her with. That is, he didn`t bring the weapon along, with a well thought-out plan in mind. 

This would put it in the category of a crime of passion, rather than a premeditated murder. I don`t know this to be the case with any certainty, but when you put one hypothesis forward, another one rolls forth as a logical extension. In due time, the MO will come out in the wash, but I figure it doesn`t hurt any to go ahead and roll the ball up the often steep incline of investigative probing. 

Obviously, if this loitering, suspicious kid with the bloody pants, is the culprit, then it`s probably safe to say, he had some kind of untold grievance towards Ms Kathy, intensely building up inside, prior to his final visit over to her music-filled domicile. Once we find out what this grievance is, I bet we`ll be very surprised! 

We know it`s true, but it`s hard to say, why is it so often the case, that the most open, generous, loving people, who give back to the community tenfold again and again, tend to be the victims of senseless violence *(John Lennon`s death anniversary was just yesterday)? *[Sources: KXAN, AAS,  and KVUE, mainly.]