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Published:December 10th, 2014 14:43 EST
Stephanie Moseley`s Shooting Death by a Jealous Husband Reminds Us of Dorothy Stratten and Paul Snider!

Stephanie Moseley`s Shooting Death by a Jealous Husband Reminds Us of Dorothy Stratten and Paul Snider!

By John G. Kays

I`m having difficulty mustering much enthusiasm regarding this case; oh, I mean the murder of a popular dancer, Stephanie Moseley, by her very freaked-out husband, the not so so widely known rapper, Earl Hayes (I`ve never heard of him, at least). I should mention anyway, that he took his own life subsequently to shooting his lovely, talented wife (ten shots were heard in the neighborhood), which would make it a murder/suicide. 

I`ll theorize Earl only did so (shoot himself) upon hearing an LA Swat Team was heading his way. One odd fact in this tragic case, which gives you an instant deja vu for many others resembling it (for some reason, the only one that comes to mind just now, is Playboy model, Dorothy Stratten, at the hands of her jealous looser of a husband, Paul Snider, on August 14, 1980); it`s as if this crime (type of MO) is repeated over and over again, moving through a timeline of entertainment circle-history

It goes something like this: One marriage partner of an entertainment couple, is very successful, ambitious, and talented, while the other one`s career tends to droop, if not collapse entirely, in accelerating, kinetic free-fall (ie, FAILURE). While I don`t pretend to have a very good command of Stephanie Moseley and Earl Hayes` careers (nor do remember all that much about Dorothy Stratten and Paul Snider, other than the movie-made-for-TV), I do feel like the analogy, as well as the assessment, hold water; so run the model by and see if it`s a fit.

I apologize for not knowing much about Stephanie Moseley`s career, which looks like it was turning the corner and on the rise; I will, however, make a point of observing the highlights, if they`re preserved in a video format. As for Hayes, I`ll probably miss his audio soundbites, for the reason I`m just not a very big fan of Rap

Nonetheless, I did try to dig a bit for what might possibly be described as a motive for Earl simply shooting his wife to death at around 7 AM, Monday morning (12/08/2014). The LA Times didn`t have it, but it looks like Hollywood Life (dot com) did. Both Chris Brown and Trey Songz were wanting to use Stephanie Moseley as a dancer on their tour. 

And with Songz, the two may have been even closer than that. The article mentions Stephanie had wanted to leave him for a long time, but was afraid to, not knowing what this green-with-jealousy man would do. This is very ironic, but an unnamed friend to Hayes said he was NOT a violent man; well, up to a point you might say this is true, until he breaks and turns violent. Sure wish this unstable man hadn`t been allowed to own a handgun! Peaceful reconciliations may`ve been possible, had Hayes not have owned a gun.