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Published:December 11th, 2014 14:35 EST
A Random East Austin Shooting Raises Many Questions; Who`s this Man in a Red Ford F-150?

A Random East Austin Shooting Raises Many Questions; Who`s this Man in a Red Ford F-150?

By John G. Kays

The reporting of a shooting in East Austin (3500 block of Lyons), in the early afternoon yesterday, resulted in the death of an as yet unnamed Hispanic man (in his 50s, I understand); this came out of nowhere, as I watched the local 5 O`Clock news! 

I thought the reporting was good, but I must say, the way this went down (now we can safely state it was a homicide), was very shocking to me, and that`s coming from someone that stays on top of these kinds of stories consistently, 24/7-365. This is not a brag, but just an observation; the violence of instantaneous homicide never lets off in giving me a charged jolt, yet this simply goes with the territory. 

Just to see these brave reporters out there in the street, such as Amanda Brandeis with KXAN, or Kris Betts with KVUE, is a reminder to me, it`s a good reason for why I stick to this business. Anyhow, a neighbor who was one of the witnesses to the sudden shooting, although she didn`t actually see this man get shot, Linda Ruiz, heard a single gunshot (I assume) when she was back in her room.  

Instantly, Linda went outside, then seeing her neighbor prostrate and dead as a doornail in the street. One easily senses just how shook-up Linda Ruiz was, when interviewed by an on-the-scene reporter. What brought it home for me, was footage of an APD worker pouring a bucket of water on a puddle of blood, removing the horrific stain in a spot close to GoValle Elementary School (this is the worst part of it).

Others must have seen the shooter, since it was reported to the police, the perpetrator was driving a Red Ford F-150, King-Cab pickup truck; that is, other witnesses, besides Linda Ruiz, must have beed close-by to this man when he got shot, or else they wouldn`t have been able to identify this red truck, which was successful in making a clean getaway, even though APD Police helicopters were overhead shortly after the incident. 

I`m not so sure if the killer even had to get out of his truck to shoot this poor man. I seek clarity on that fine point, if someone could clue me in (it`s much appreciated). A 3rd source, My Fox Austin, from what was written in a piece, APD looking for murderer, by Casey Claiborne, suggested, by talking to a neighbor (Raul Rosa), the shooting most likely, is drug related. That is, an increase in drug activity is noticeable, according to Raul Rosa. 

Hopefully, we`ll get an update on this upsetting story this evening; items such as: what`s the victim`s name? Can they catch (or have they caught) the suspicious man in the red F-150? After all, what was his motive, that sort of thing? I guess we`ll see those brave reporters back out there tonight, getting the latest scoop-praise be to God for these courageous journalists! This is what keeps me going (I reiterate)!