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Published:December 12th, 2014 10:15 EST

Beverly Johnson, Vogue's First Black Cover Model, Accuses Bill Cosby of Drugging Her!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Another woman has come forward to accuse beleaguered comedian Bill Cosby of drugging her.

Former model/actress Beverly Johnson claims he groomed her over multiple visits to her home, one even involving her young daughter, before he drugged her during an early 1980s visit with a cappuccino, she wrote in a
Vanity Fair essay.

Johnson`s account appears to differ from the others, though. Cosby did not rape her."



Beverly Johnson isn`t a fringe player in the entertainment business who is desperate for publicity; she was a hugely successful supermodel in the 70`s and the first African American to appear on the cover of Vogue magazine.

Johnson doesn`t have anything to gain financially by coming forward; she`s simply doing the right thing. The beauty is supporting the women who have already come forward, and encouraging any woman who has been raped by Cosby or anybody else to speak out.

"Another woman has come forward to accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault. ..." how many times do we have to read that line before we tar and feather the disgraced comic and ride him on a rail out of Hollywood. (Metaphorically speaking of course.)

Cosby didn`t rape Johnson only because after the second sip of coffee,  Johnson had enough presence of mind to realize that she had been drugged. Even though she was woozy and on the brink of passing out she screamed at Cosby: Motherfuc*** Johnson repeatedly yelled the epithet at Cosby until the enraged predator practically threw her out of his house.

Dozens of women, who have nothing to gain financially, have told the same narrative: Cosby lured me into this house or hotel room on the pretext of helping me with my career; he then drugged me and raped me. It`s patently ridiculous to assume they`re lying, they must be telling the truth and Cosby must be held liable for his sickening crimes.

Bill Cosby`s legacy is ruined beyond redemption. He won`t be remembered as "America`s TV dad", as a civil rights hero, a gifted comic, a philanthropist, a bestselling author or an actor.

Bill Cosby is a motherfuc***, period. End of story!

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