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Published:December 12th, 2015 12:04 EST

Five Reasons to Choose Google over Microsoft

By Keith Johnson

1. Google Search continues to lead the pack in terms of best algorithms. Whether you are doing a basic or advanced search, Google will truly help you find that page, document, website, or web-based resource via its award-winning Search algorithms. Neither Microsoft Bing or Yahoo Search come close to Google Search. There are many tech sites out there like CNET that will support what I am saying here.

2. Google Docs is designed for integrated data use. Google Docs is designed to help you bring in documents from MS Office and from there you can work with information easily between Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Professionals love to rant about how Microsoft Office source code is defective. It is. For that reason alone, you should do all of your work in Google Docs and leave Microsoft Office by the wayside. Today, I only work with MS Office if my client requires me to do so - otherwise I am the first person to openly advocate the use of Google Docs.

3. The Microsoft Window Operating System is on the way out. The Cloud is here, and Google is at the forefront. Soon, you will not need Microsoft Windows. You can already use Google Chromebook OS to access the web and hence bypass the Microsoft Windows OS. Google`s Android OS for mobile devices is open source and for that reason gains the most traction, support, and perks as it grows and serves diverse tech markets. Google Android is the new "Java", if you will.

4. The Google Cloud is far more dependable than the Microsoft Cloud. I have heard all kinds of horror stories about data being lost at the Microsoft Cloud. I have never ever heard complains about Google`s Cloud. Google is the leader in all things Cloud.

5. Google Customer Service is there for you, unlike Microsoft Customer Service. Microsoft is very hard to reach and they treat even long time customers like you are a new kid at school. Microsoft is cold and unsympathetic. Google, on the other hand, promptly responds to both calls and emails in a very short amount of time.

Google really cares, and it shows. This is one reason why I wrote my new and recent book "The Google Productivity Guide", now live at Amazon and Apple iTunes. Google is the way to go - for students and working professionals.

Cheers, Happy Holidays.

Keith Charles Johnson

Senior Technical Writer and AuthorThe Google Productivity Guide