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Published:December 14th, 2014 10:47 EST

Viral Video: Stray Cat Dines on Squid & Dried Octopus at Airport Deli

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A stray cat got its paws on a gourmet feast courtesy of an airport delicatessen, after managing to get inside the fish counter, it`s reported.


The tabby was filmed by staff at Vladivostok airport, in eastern Russia, helping itself to marine delicacies including squid and dried octopus."


Move over Grumpy Cat, this Russian kitty is the new Internet sensation!

This adorable cat burglar was filmed by staff at an airport in Russia as it feasted on seafood delicacies including squid and dried octopus.

This stray cay just followed its nose to the airport delicatessen, and managed to get inside the fish counter.

The entire contents of the fish counter had to be thrown away, a loss amounting to 60,000 roubles. (That`s a thousand bucks)

The feline hasn`t been seen since it raided the fish counter, but since the story hit the newspapers many people have called the airport offering to adopt it.

This stray cat hit the jackpot that day, but on most days he`s probably lucky to catch a mouse for dinner. My cats eat like royalty every day, not only do I feed them gourmet cat food, but I feed them morsels from my meals.

Adopt a kitten from your local animal shelter, he will delight you will all the trouble he gets into.

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