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Published:December 16th, 2014 13:19 EST
An Elderly Austin Couple, Living On Brentwood Street, Is Found Dead by a Caretaker! Homicides?

An Elderly Austin Couple, Living On Brentwood Street, Is Found Dead by a Caretaker! Homicides?

By John G. Kays

I suppose, I would put myself in the same camp as Maria Jaramillo, a caretaker for the elderly, who works just two doors down (in the 1700 block of Brentwood Street, in Austin, Texas) from an elderly couple in their 80s, who were found dead in their home on Monday, apparently, falling in the category (we know as) suspicious circumstances, in other words, they were probably murdered! 

Yea, I feel the same way as Maria, who was considerably shaken up (when speaking with local news reporters), by this ongoing situation, developing in a mostly peaceful, relatively crime-free, Central Austin neighborhood. The couple`s names haven`t been given yet, nor is a point of fact, that they are homicide victims yet been confirmed. 

One clue, however, pointing in a direction of a more troubling assessment, is the copious presence of APD Homicide Detectives, early yesterday afternoon. Another party, (that is), another caretaker actually came upon the couple`s house, a bit before 11 AM Monday (12/15), noticing the front door was ajar. 

Suspecting they had been burglarized, the caretaker called the police reporting as such; it turns out, the scenario was quite a bit grimmer than a mere burglary. At first, it was thought the couple`s car had been stolen, but later on the police unlocked the garage, finding their Buick LeSabre in tact. This change in evidence findings has a way of throwing more cold water on the original burglary theory.

As I watched the KXAN 5 O`Clock News last night, my eyes opened-up wide with astonishment as the anchors began to report this sad story of the deceased elderly couple; my concern seem grow as the newscasters augmented their lead story with the fact that homicides have been on the rise here in Austin just lately. I`ve filed reports myself on two of these; one murder happened in East Austin last week, where a Hispanic man was shot dead in the street by a man driving a Ford F-150 King-Cab pickup truck. 

The other murder was very strange to me; a music teacher, Kathy Blair, was killed in her own rented home, up in Northwest Austin. Neither of these have been solved, as far as I know, and now we have this very scary double on Brentwood Street. We anxiously await some determinations in any of these cases; for example, what was the cause of death with these two elderly people? 

Why was the Homicide Unit quick to respond to the scene, and why did they immediately drape a friendly-looking house with the customary yellow crime tape, which seems to get quite a bit more use these days? And what about a neighbor`s theory, Renae Taggert, that it may have been a gas leak (this would make it just an accident)? I tend to discount this theory, but APD hasn`t confirmed this yet.

A reasonable explanation for any of these suspected homicides hasn`t really surfaced in the news yet, nor have I been able to come up with something solid enough to be considered as a likely construct of just what occurred (in these three aforementioned case). I will say, however,  in this most recent Brentwood case, I thought some wily comments posted on KXAN were helpful, if not candid, possibly amounting to real clues, since they were made by actual neighbors, who live nearby to the unfortunate couple. 

That is, it has been observed that there are some young men living close by with issues, possibly suffering from some forms of mental illness. Exactly who they are, and whether they are brothers, or what mental health problems they may be suffering from, still needs a determination; I gather, APD is on top of this lead, so we`ll have to see. Let`s not immediately accuse these young men! 

Still, some of the comments had a drastic effect of raising my eyebrows somewhat, with mention of black hoodies, riding kids` bikes, or standing and staring on a neighbor`s porch, or messing with neighbors` recycle bins or garages. The outcome of an investigation is all up in the air for now, which adds to our suspense; hopefully, we`ll learn something soon. Austin use to be so laid-back and peaceful (maybe this is just The Myth), but I wonder whether this still holds true in today`s urban environment.