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Published:December 16th, 2014 18:55 EST

Mom Calls into C-SPAN to Tell Her Pundit Sons to Stop Arguing: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Whether it be at the Christmas dinner table or on television, moms do not want their kids bickering.

Pundits Dallas Woodhouse, a Republican, and his brother Brad Woodhouse, a Democrat, learned their lesson when their mother called into C-SPAN to chastise them for bickering."



C-SPAN is only slightly more entertaining than watching the grass grow  -- it`s an exercise in boredom watching politicians bloviate. The call-in political shows seen on C-SPAN feature hosts and moderators sorely lacking in sex appeal and charisma. I wish they would hire the likes of an Al Sharpton or a Bill O`Reilly, but things did take an interesting turn when the mother of Dallas Woodhouse and Brad Woodhouse called in to chastise them for bickering.

How I wish the mother of Senator Cruz would interrupt her idiot son anytime he pontificates in the well of the Senate. It`s obvious Cruz`s fellow Republicans can`t quell his histrionics and desperate ploys for attention, maybe his mother can.  

I never thought I would be featuring a C-SPAN video, but here it is for your viewing pleasure:

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