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Published:December 17th, 2014 14:19 EST
With the Sony Hack, If Every American Attends The Interview Premiere, the GOP loses!

With the Sony Hack, If Every American Attends The Interview Premiere, the GOP loses!

By John G. Kays

Initially, upon seeing the news of the Sony Hack, I didn`t much pay any attention; but now, as the story takes on newly expanded dimensions, I`m quite a bit more interested in what we are possibly dealing with, or of the ramifications of this hack (purportedly, by the Guardians of Peace), either in its impact on journalistic circles, or for its effect on the movie industry in general. 

I will say out-front, however, I promise you, I will be the first in line to see The Interview on Christmas Day, assuming one or another theater chains (whether it`s Regal, AMC, or Cinemark) will have enough courage to show it. I hope they do, since if they won`t, it`s a victory for the Cyber-Terrorists (that`s not such a good thing)

As such, now that I`m aware of the importance of what we may be dealing with here, I`m beginning to research the media a bit closer for what we already know. Adding to that brain flash, I`m recalling how I had a similar reaction to the Target Hack last year, until I realized I`d have to go over to Wells Fargo to change out my Debit card; then it sank in, when Target gets hacked, we`re all hacked, since I am a long-time loyal customer. I`m a serious film-goer also, so The Interview project gets to me in a similar fashion.

There`s a lot of good sources you can take a look at, if you`d like to dig a little deeper into this; yet (and you need to), The New York Times has several good pieces you probably will take an interest in: James Franco and Seth Rogen Talk About The Interview, by Dave Itzkoff, is a must read, along with Quandary for Sony in Terror Threats Over The Interview, by Michael Cieply and Brooks Barnes, which does a good job of summarizing these most recent, disturbing developments, such as the threat by GOP that the movie houses could be like the Twin Towers on 9/11/2001. 

This woke me up, when I heard of it on the evening news last night! Yea, I`m alert now. The second tier to this story is the ethical dilemma the media is put in when the GOP leaks this sensitive data of Sony`s, ripe for distribution to a wider audience *(a much wider audience!). Actually, I don`t see it as a real ethical dilemma; there`s no way national newspapers or magazines they should (allow themselves) to publish this stuff! 

It`s immoral, PERIOD! It`s that simple. It`s none of our business what a movie star or a movie mogul says in an email; emails are a private mode of communication, PERIOD! If a tabloid tells you what Brad Pitt said to somebody, then you have an obligation to not read it. In fact, you should probably stop reading that tabloid all together; this will send a message out to them, you can not stoop so low as to publish these most private messages. 

Whose side are you on anyhow, we Americans or the GOP? Furthermore, Franco and Rogen have a right to make a stupid movie about assassinating Kim Jong-un. I hope attendance breaks some (or all) records for The Interview on Christmas Day! This is the best way to show you are a Loyal American Patriot - I want to see your ticket stub when you exit!