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Published:December 18th, 2014 11:35 EST
200 Brains Reported Missing from Texas!

200 Brains Reported Missing from Texas!

By Will Roberts

200 brains reported missing from Texas!

Is it bad that I didn`t see Texas & I automatically inserted the word CONGRESS? 

I guess you could say this cowboy humorist has selective ...eyesight. But then again maybe I`m not alone. Try this experiment: watch people as the read their phones. You will see an awful lot of eye rolling, gritting of teeth and ANGER!  Now the statistics you may not see on my little study is the fact that I can almost guarantee these folks are reading about politicians. My selective vision in assuming that the brains were that of congress is not a disease that we Americans have, more like it`s a plague that is living in American politics. 

Oh and if you want to cure this plague, do it alone. Don`t call your doctor, cause most likely their cure will make you sicker & more broke. #Hashtag #GovernmentNotMakingAnySenseDoctorsMakingBank 

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