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Published:December 18th, 2014 10:29 EST

Michelle Obama: I Was Asked to Take Something Off a Shelf at Target! Doesn't Prove Racism, Only Proves Plain Women Don't Get Any Respect!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The Obamas talked with People magazine about dealing with their "own racist experiences,` as the magazine described. 


Michelle Obama told one story that recently took place, even as she was first lady of the United States. 

`I tell this story ` I mean, even as the first lady " during that wonderfully publicized trip I took to Target, not highly disguised, the only person who came up to me in the store was a woman who asked me to help her take something off a shelf. Because she didn`t see me as the first lady, she saw me as someone who could help her. Those kinds of things happen in life. So it isn`t anything new,` Michelle Obama, who is 5`11", said."

Weekly Standard

I would also have asked Michelle Obama`s help in taking something off a shelf, she`s taller than I am, and she`s stronger. I would have gladly extended her an opportunity to put those muscular arms, that she has a penchant for showing off, to good use.

Racism didn`t play any part in the Target shopper requesting Michelle Obama to retrieve merchandise from a shelf. The customer simply perceived her as a plain-looking strong woman who would be adept at performing a simple manual task.

If Michelle looked like Jacqueline Kennedy the shopper would have been too intimidated to inconvenience her, it ain`t about race,  it`s about sex appeal or lack thereof!

The Obamas only succeed in making themselves look foolish when they attempt to prove they have suffered racism.

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