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Published:December 21st, 2014 11:29 EST
All I want for Christmas is #CUBAN CIGARS !

All I want for Christmas is #CUBAN CIGARS !

By Will Roberts

All I want for Christmas is #CUBAN CIGARS ! 

Dear Santa,

I know I have asked for a lot this year, but I`d like to give you a whole NEW list. I know longer want the iPhone 6, I hear it`s not that good. And I don`t want the big pickup truck anymore, even though gas is cheap, And oil is even cheaper.

All I want for Christmas is Cuban CIGARS!

I mean before us American`s cheapin them and mass produce them.

P.S. I guess you could throw a couple of cans of oil in my stocking ... I could hold onto them and when the government shoots the oil back up to it`s normal cost I could sell it back to them for a profit.

Oh, there is one more thing: my kids want the new dynamic duo action figures P & p the pope & the president. Can you throw that in as well?

Well, that`s it Santa, but be careful on the roof my next door neighbour LOVES his guns!


Your friend,

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