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Published:December 22nd, 2014 16:02 EST
Word of the Day: Progress

Word of the Day: Progress

By Keith Johnson

The word "progress" can be used as both a noun and verb. As a noun, the word "progress" implies positive change and positive development from an assumed or understood point of reference. As a verb, the word "progress" suggests motion and movement, usually in context to a trip or journey of some kind. Here is how you use this dynamic word.


I have seen great progress in my son`s grades at school. Last semester he had all Bs. This semester, he has all As on his report card.

The progress on our house remodeling project is substantial. Just last month, the workers were finishing the new kitchen. Today, they are finishing the roof and will be done soon.


Let us progress to this stage tomorrow. Then, we will decide where we go from there.

Our international trip will take two days. Let us first progress slowly to Boston in our car. From there, we will take a plane out to the west coast.

Best Regards,

Keith Charles Johnson
Senior Tech Writer and Author
The Google Productivity Guide