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Published:December 23rd, 2014 09:01 EST

Katherine McKee, Sammy Davis Jr.'s Ex, Says Bill Cosby Raped Her

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Add another accuser to the line of women stepping forward to claim Bill Cosby raped them decades ago.

This time, the woman is Katherine McKee, a sometime actress and former Las Vegas showgirl best known as the late Sammy Davis Jr.`s former mistress, who traveled with him as his road wife.


McKee, now 65, told the New York Daily News that Cosby grabbed her and raped her in a Detroit hotel room in the early 1970s when she was in town with Davis and Cosby was in town, too."

USA Today

The question can legitimately be posed: Is there any aspiring actress than can within twenty feet of Cosby that he didn`t drug and rape?

Although in this case Cosby didn`t drug McKee before raping her. McKee went to Cosby`s hotel room to pick him up for a party, but as soon as he opened the door, Cosby who was clad only in a bathrobe, raped her. It was a case of "Wham Bam Rape You Ma`am."

Cosby should have followed Sammy Davis Jr.`s example, and anointed one of his groupies to be his "road wife", or had his own travelling harem. My point is that there were plenty of women eager to sleep with him; he didn`t have to resort to drugging and raping women.

I started my essay with a question, and I`ll end it with another: Is there any rational person who still believes Cosby isn`t a serial rapist?

The artist formerly known as America`s Dad  will be forever remembered as America`s Creepy Uncle.

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