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Published:December 23rd, 2014 13:31 EST
Waco Weatherman, Patrick Crawford, Plagued by Anomalies in Shooting Incident!

Waco Weatherman, Patrick Crawford, Plagued by Anomalies in Shooting Incident!

By John G. Kays

I need to be careful how I string these words, tangentially; I`m having quite a bit of trouble piecing the puzzle-parts (or available clues) together, in one of the oddest stories I`ve come across in the considerable years I`ve been doing this! Naturally, I mean the attempted murder of Waco Weatherman (or if you prefer, Waco meteorologist to KCEN-TV [an NBC affiliate]), Patrick Crawford. 

Yea, I mean that 35-year-old wearing a Superman T-Shirt, who is good at projecting himself on camera! I`m not implying anything by this, it`s just my impression; that`s why I went to a lot of trouble initially to write, I need to tread water lightly as I go (apparently, drifting deeper into murky water, possibly infested with flesh-eating sharks)

I know I`m reading too much into this, but the Superman T-Shirt just struck me as odd, for a man, canny of his public image, and showing up at a news conference, (obviously) widely disseminated on the national news; (I need mention Patrick) is successfully recovering from no less than 3 gunshot wounds, after engineering a clever escape, from an anonymous, highly mysterious gunman. 

This wardrobe faux pax is probably an innocent slip-up, but, for me, it tends to be just one more item I can throw on to what I`ll call my Anomaly Scrapheap, which looks like it`s getting taller by the minute! In my mind it grows like a mountain, as more inconsistencies occur to me (better look at the other side too, if I can find it?)!

I`m not trying to get cute with you, but just want to be honest with how these latest developments are making me feel. Crawford said, in the news conference at Baylor Scott & White Hospital (in Temple, Texas), that no words were exchanged with this (his?) unusual assailant (last Wednesday morning [12/17/2014], in the KCEN parking lot, as Patrick was leaving work), before the man started shooting. 

I was surprised by this statement, since I thought I had heard (when the story first broke), that some of the news station employees had heard from the distance of their offices, a few loud words exchanged before the hood-ied man pulls out his semi-automatic pistol, and commences firing! I guess I can jettison these testimonies along with other recall, such as hearing 6 or 7 shots, since it was really as much as 11 shots. Or was it 13 fired (we`ll get it right eventually)?

Well, anyhow, Mister Crawford didn`t know this Weirdo, who just appears out of nowhere and begins shooting up the TV station (like the Shootout at OK Corral), perhaps not specifically targeting this popular weatherman who then suddenly vanishes in the morning mist by foot, eluding a very intense manhunt by local law enforcement, who by now (one week later), are cold on his tail. 

 Yea, he got away people, and nobody has any idea who he is or where he is, unless they have reason to not say. Okay, so I heard the Texas Department of Public Safety has already forced all the KCEN employees out of the building (on 12/17/2014) while they searched for the culprit who shot up their station; what I`m envisioning now, is some of these employees will be asked down to the station (the other one, I mean) for some additional, intenser questioning (a grilling under the hot lamp!).

 But why would anyone be holding something back? Well, there could be a lot of reasons for keeping quiet, really. Another item I haven`t been able to completely digest heretofore, is the fact that Patrick Crawford`s wife (I don`t know her name yet) is also a broadcasting meteorologist with KCEN-TV. This may not have any relevance, but within the context of this terrifying incident last Wednesday, it has a way of taking on a larger meaning; unintentionally, but of course!

As you look at the Bigger Picture, you might get the impression I`m suspicious of PC; nothing could be further from the truth, but as I said before, the individual facts we`ve been dealt in this case, are far from the norm, or even odder than what we normally consider very weird in the first place. In other words, the lumber aint stacking up right!

I know you`ll agree with me, this one sticks out like a sore thumb! I sense even Mr. Crawford is doing his best to tweak *(or Tweet) this story for all its worth, but correct me if I`m reading metaphors into his transparent displays of behavior! 

Here`s another one for you, which made me practically jump out of my seat; I mean, when I first saw the police sketch of the I-35 Bogeyman (I`ll call him for now), it didn`t gel. This Bad Dude looks more like Bruce Willis than he does a real, potential killer, don`t you think? 

My guess is that once we actually see this guy, he`s not going to resemble this arty, Hollywood-Esque, police rendering! Once again, I seem to suggest Patrick gave them a false description. I didn`t intend on that outcome, but I must say, the clever, generic drawing CAN NOT be the way it is (my instincts are generally reliable with these things)! 

If, in the final analysis, it turns out Crawford knew his assailant, and that he was the one specifically targeted, much will fall in place for me; if not, then this case is one for the history books, in terms of coincidence, or unanswered anomalies.