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Published:December 24th, 2014 14:18 EST
Simplicity of Gun-Smuggling Scheme Makes It All The More Petrifying!

Simplicity of Gun-Smuggling Scheme Makes It All The More Petrifying!

By John G. Kays

When the Delta gun-smuggling story hit the wires yesterday, I quickly jumped on the bandwagon of available information, all the while feeling a great deal of anxiety and stress, as I reviewed just how a Delta Airlines employee, Eugene Harvey, along with an ex-employee, Mark Quentin Henry, were able to pull off this elaborate (though fairly simple on the surface), operation. 

I was startled, if not downright shocked, by how easy it was for these two canny, enterprising criminals to take advantage of the airport security systems *(okay, let`s not leave out the Transportation Security Administration). As I see it, practically (or probably) from a vantage point of having seen too many of these kinds of movies, I recognized they utilized a combination of someone still within The System with somebody outside of The System, but this person had been there before (even his own mother was a former Delta employee). 

Yea, my emotions ran wild, bridging the gap between fear and hostility, as I took a closer and closer look at the ways this conspiracy was pulled off (functioned)! Okay, so I exaggerate, yet as I studied their crafty plot, I got the impression Delta gave the gun-runners a Green Light Go, or to put it another way, they were giving the smugglers the red carpet treatment, with a customized, VIP (Coach sucks when you`re running guns!) personalized chartered flight, from Atlanta to New York City!

I know this isn`t the case, but it doesn`t take an inordinate amount of imagination to get there in your thinking; as I see it, a noticeable Achilles Heel for Delta, is the trust they place in employees to perform their jobs on an ethical level. Eugene Harvey had it down pat, from what I can tell, penetrating internal security (often, using a sick day for this heinous scam), then meeting with Henry in the Mensroom of one terminal, where the guns were handed over. 

As an added security, I suppose, Henry then travels to a different terminal to catch his flight. You have to remind yourself, he`s already through the checkpoint, so he can go anywhere he pleases, within the Internal System. I`ve visited Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport fairly recently, so I kind of sense how these two Bozos were able to make this scheme work. 

An LA Times piece tells me Henry smuggled guns 17 times (perhaps 20), with a total of 154 guns (many were loaded in flight), this year alone; most likely, using this same, simple, well-oiled plan we`ve been hearing so much about over the past few days! This scares me to death, just thinking on it!

One wonders how (especially) Mark Quentin Henry could be so cold as to go through with this time after time, with the idea of getting more powerful guns in the hands of criminals, mainly in Brooklyn, as reported. One has to figure, greed is probably the motivating factor in his capers; okay, so another one occurred to me: it would have to be revenge, since Delta had fired him in 2010 for abusing their buddy-pass system. 


Here`s one area where I`m having a problem; if Delta fired him for this, then why was he able to continue using his mother`s benefits within recent memory? Delta should have caught that a long time ago! Here he was terminated because of the buddy-pass abuse, then he keeps doing it long after Delta canned him. I just don`t see why Delta missed this! 

The final run on December 10th, which becomes a sort of template for the FBI`s precision-smooth sting, is the proverbial straw that broke the camel`s back (for Mr. Henry and Mr. Harvey)! I applaud the job done by the FBI, busting these guys, but you have to wonder how long they`ve known about this operation. 

How were they able to position an agent to buy the guns in Brooklyn, setting up the arrest, if they didn`t already know they`d (a multiple array of firearms) been smuggled into New York, ripe for distribution on the street? I bet they were aware of the scheme for quite some time!