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Published:December 26th, 2014 14:14 EST
Where Did Trent Michael Cook`s Heist Scheme Go Wrong? Tell Too Many?

Where Did Trent Michael Cook`s Heist Scheme Go Wrong? Tell Too Many?

By John G. Kays

With confidence, I safely surmise Trent Michael Cook put quite a bit of forethought into his heist of a Rochester Armored Car, which went down Monday morning, in Amarillo, Texas. A few items of support for this theory of mine, regarding premeditation of a crime we may think of as an inside job (he was a driver for Rochester), comes by way of him sharing his scheme with others, even getting input from his own dad, Brian Keith Hodge. 

One might also gather a not so carefully disguised notion, that Trent Cook`s plan had some holes in it, since he was arrested in Colorado Springs, Co on the 24th, just two days after he bailed with the Dough (amounting to $200 Big Ones [K]). What`s the flaw, I`m wondering? 

The media or law enforcement hasn`t exactly said yet, but I`m partial to the idea he told the wrong person where he was hiding out, then they tipped off the cops. I understand Trent was working with a confederate, so we`ll want to know more about this cohort. Why did they flee to Colorado Springs, is a good starting point for our probe?

My first encounter with this case, which has a way of getting us good and pumped up (I`m hoping I can be the first to write a screenplay, before somebody else comes along), came just this morning, by way of the telling images of an abandoned armored car, with a door left ajar and,apparently, the engine still running, parked askew in an empty parking lot, in the back of some obscure businesses in Amarillo. 

Boy, you have to consider, Trent put a lot of thought into what location he`d use to jettison the company vehicle, then complete the transaction, the Big Switch-A-Roo of heavy loot bags into a second van (a white 1995 Ford van), which then travels an undisclosed distance to a second getaway car (one can safely deduce), which he/they use to scramble out of Texas, making a beeline to Colorado, lower the temperature a few degrees. 

Oh yea, the opening shot or scene of this blockbuster B movie will likely zero in on the police finding this Rochester Money Wagon (the Hand of Fate [on Black and Blue] by The Stones will be the first song playing against a close up of startled cop faces, ogling the jettisoned Booty Mobile! There will be a ton of flashbacks too, as Trent`s plan begins to take shape. 

I need to know exactly when he started this job, `cuz I sense he simply went bananas whenever he was driving around with those huge bags of Somalis, filling up ATM machines! The urge to bail with this beaucoup bread must have been overwhelming! I don`t know if any of us could handle it, especially during the Christmas Season, where green-stuff is our only thought.

Poor Mr. Cook didn`t get a chance to spend any of the $200,000, from what we`re hearing, since all of the money was recovered when Trent was arrested. One clue stood out for me, suggesting so much more, if we would consider rewinding the tape back a ways from the favorable conclusion (as far as law enforcement goes) of apprehension for our ambitious ATM bandit. 

I`m referring to Trent`s prior place of employment, which so happened to be a correctional facility. Don`t know if he was a prison guard or what, but you`d probably be safe to consider, a great deal of awful, crooked ideas were floating around at his unit. 

Jeez, once he saw he could land this position at Rochester, he must have hollered hallelujah; I can zero in on The Big Score now, Trent probably thought to himself! One wonders about the shoddy background check done on Trent by Rochester? Hiring a former prison employee? Haven`t these guys seen Orange Is The New Black?