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Published:December 29th, 2014 16:27 EST
Word of the Day: Cultivate

Word of the Day: Cultivate

By Keith Johnson

Daily Word: Cultivate

The word cultivate is a transitive verb that means "to prepare and use - with respect to soil and land". Also, it means "to improve and develop". Here are a few sentences featuring this word.

Let us cultivate the earth this fall so that next spring we can readily plant our seeds in earth that is properly nourished with minerals.

I will cultivate my garden by watering and weedeing the plants every day.

I will cultivate my marriage by always bringing my wife flowers and small but memorable gifts.

I will cultivate my knowledge of C# by running at least three programs each day featuring an important processing aspect and capability of this language.

Best Regards,

Keith Charles Johnson
Senior Tech Writer and Author
The Google Productivity Guide