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Published:December 31st, 2014 13:27 EST
Why Did Veronica Jean Rutledge Take A Loaded Handgun Shopping in a Walmart?

Why Did Veronica Jean Rutledge Take A Loaded Handgun Shopping in a Walmart?

By John G. Kays

A photo of a desolate Walmart parking lot in Hayden, Idaho, I thought, was an appropriate metaphor, after a 29-year-old woman, Veronica Jean Rutledge, was shot to death by her own 2-year-old boy, who apparently took out a fully-loaded handgun from her purse, discharging the weapon, accidentally, but of course! 

I suppose there are some people who would prefer this Walmart to stay closed, and remain still and peaceful (until eternity lapses); hey, you might even include me with those who would like it that way, nice and quiet, and out of business! 

This accident, resulting in the immediate death of this mother, who was just shopping with her boy and some relatives (three nieces under age 11) at around 10:20 AM, was immensely troubling to me yesterday, when first seeing the news posted on Facebook. This morning I pursued some rather more thorough research, as I continued to question how this accident could`ve come about.

I found some of the items I was looking for, while other ones still could use some clarification, such as whether there were any actual eyewitnesses to the shooting. And if there were, would they be Walmart employees, on duty at the time the gun went off?

A significant part of the information I looked at did not reflect so favorably on the victim, Veronica Rutledge; well, I aught to qualify my take on some of the biographical data (in this example, given by the Washington Post): I don`t like laws that allow people to carry concealed firearms. 

But then, when you couple this fairly scary law anyway, with an individual taking a loaded handgun (with her) into a Big Box Store (in this case, it so happens it`s a Walmart, which may be just a coincidence, but perhaps not), it gets even crazier, and turns into even that much more of an outrage. 

And when I`m told Veronica and her husband were total gun nuts, and loved to practice at shooting ranges, I feel that much more repulsed, like I`m gonna die myself! Something`s wrong here, something`s totally off with this picture! The article points out (The inside story of how an Idaho toddler shot his mom at Walmart, by Terence McCoy-Washington Post), Ms Rutledge is (was) well educated, even having published several articles (her degree is in chemistry); but, at the same time, she`s a gun enthusiast. Go and figure!

The crime rate is considerably low in Idaho, so it`s hard to understand why she thought she`d need to tote this pistol around with her, wherever she goes. That seems crazy to me. Why didn`t she leave her gun in Blackfoot, before heading to Hayden for the Christmas Holidays? It looks like the truth is, Veronica loved her gun, just as she loved her son and her husband; this is possibly a short definition of insanity. 

Ironically, the very things (guns) and people she loved the most, are responsible for her demise (inevitable demise)! This is nearly impossible to comprehend, just as are the laws permitting individuals to carry concealed (loaded) firearms are! Socially sanctioned insanity! The telling article goes on to say in Idaho, certain select people can even carry concealed guns on college campuses;  this is more than I can bear, and I live in Texas. 

A final bit of bitter, ironically-laced information I`ll bother passing on to you, before I melt off the last smoking remnants of 2014, is the fact that Veronica`s husband got her a protective (security) purse for her baby love, as a Christmas present. Just lovely! Okay, so a 2-year-old hacks the purse on his first try, killing his mother instantly, while he`s at it. Merry Christmas, Mommy, and A Happy New Year (but you`re dead now, sorry!)