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Published:January 2nd, 2015 13:18 EST
Why Did Peachtree City PC, William McCollom Have his Glock 9 Out On New Year`s Eve?

Why Did Peachtree City PC, William McCollom Have his Glock 9 Out On New Year`s Eve?

By John G. Kays

The New Year`s Eve shooting incident of Margaret McCollom, by her husband William E. McCollom, who is the Police Chief of Peachtree City, Georgia (about 30 miles southwest of Atlanta), is raising many questions, to say the least. Naturally, there`s how did it happen and why did it happen, and most importantly, whether the Police Chief shot her accidentally or on purpose. 

This gets at the heart of this very controversial situation, which is raising eyebrows on the internet airwaves; until Margaret McCollom, 58, begins to recover enough, since she is currently in critical condition at Atlanta Medical Center, we`ll probably remain in the darkness of uncertainty. 

I`m not so convinced he shot her by accident, so it`ll take a good deal of persuading me otherwise, before I`ll join the Accident Camp. My first problem is, if Chief McCollom was at home with his wife on New Year`s Eve, why did he even have his service revolver (a Glock 9 mm) out and active? Why wasn`t his gun stored in a closet for safekeeping? Did he get into a row (argument) with his wife that night?

Why am I convinced he did? William McCollom hasn`t been Police Chief for Peachtree City very long, officially only since October. With that short work history, more substantial biographical information is in order. I didn`t see too much provided from the local media there in Georgia; however, The New York Times did manage to dig up some good bio-data on McCollom.

 His work history comes mainly from Florida, where he served on the Delray Beach Police Department, then moved on to Tequesta PD, where he served as a chief also, starting in 2006. One item regarding his married life, mentioned by The NY Times, is that he`d been married to Suzanne Carter, but divorced in the early part of 2014. Furthermore, he`d been married to Margaret Alice Morse, but they got divorced in 1999. 

One is curious whether he remarried Margaret Morse, or whether it`s just a coincidence, and that the two wives just so happen to have the same first name; I mean Margaret, of course. Getting a better picture of the Chief`s married life and history, will go far in clearing up this matter. 

And we can`t help but wonder whether they`d been drinking; so many do on New Year`s Eve. Still, I sense, once we do find out the truth, we`re not going to feel too comfortable with what it`s telling us! Attempted murder?