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Published:January 3rd, 2015 11:53 EST

Dennis the Dachshund Sheds 43 Pounds: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Dennis was a whopping 56 pounds when Burton got him from an uncle, who had fed him table scraps in addition to his dog food.

He`s now down to a svelte 13 pounds.

Burton (his owner) credits lots of exercise, skin removal surgery, a strict diet and no treats, except maybe a carrot or two."



Is your New Year`s resolution to lose weight, but you need inspiration to accomplish your goal? Dennis the obese dachshund tipped the scales at 56 pounds, but thanks to exercise and a strict diet he`s know a svelte 13 pounds.

Let Dennis the pooch be your inspiration, hopefully you won`t need skin removal surgery after shedding your extra pounds.

Mandy my pit bull/German Shepherd mix doesn`t eat scraps from my table she gets a serving as big as mine, plus she gets dog treats, not to mention dog food, but she`s all muscle. Dennis the pooch must have an underlying problem that caused him to gain so much weight.

I walk Mandy every day, so if you spoil your pooch make sure he gets plenty of exercise. In fact, jog with your canine companion, that way you will both be fit and healthy.

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