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Published:January 5th, 2015 15:47 EST

Bobcat Hit by Car, Hitches a Ride in Grille: Video

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An Arizona bobcat was uninjured after being hit by a car traveling about 40 mph and taking a ride inside the grill of the sedan, officials said.


A.J. Michaels and Susan Simpson said they were driving to a Scottsdale restaurant Friday night when they saw a small animal dart out in front of their Mazda sedan.

Michaels said he assumed the animal, which appeared to be a cat, was killed in the collision, but he inspected his car after arriving at the restaurant and discovered a bobcat was stuck between the grill and radiator."


We all knew that a house cat has nine lives, but who knew that rule also applied to bobcats? After being hit by a vehicle travelling at 40 mph that bobcat should have been deader than a doornail.

The hapless bobcat was taken to the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center for evaluation, and it was pronounced uninjured and in perfect health.

If you hit an animal when driving please do the right thing, and stop and see if the creature needs medical attention.

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