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Published:January 5th, 2015 14:34 EST

UFO Sighting at a Fireworks Show on New Year's Eve! Video!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"UFO Sightings have been reported from various parts of the world during New Year celebrations and in London, an eagle eye-shaped flying object was spotted hovering over the London Eye during the fireworks display.


A weird green light was distinctly spotted as fireworks lit the night sky. It appeared to be circular in shape  similar to that of the Huston UFO  and many suspect it was not a Chinese lantern."

International Business Times

On New Year`s Eve the average reveler is lit up like a Christmas tree, and any UFO sightings reported on this holiday must be taken with a grain of salt, especially if the UFO sighting took place during a fireworks display.

I`m surprised nobody reported that a UFO Mothership painted in psychedelic colors landed during the middle of the fireworks display and a 11-foot extraterrestrial exited the spacecraft holding a glow stick in one hand, a bong in the other and a peace flag in his third hand.

I know that UFO sightings are the stock-in-trade of the International Business Times, but does this august publication really have to publish a story about a UFO sighting during a fireworks show on New Year`s Eve?

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