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Published:January 6th, 2015 01:51 EST
Why Did You Write The Google Productivity Guide?

Why Did You Write The Google Productivity Guide?

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Why Did You Write The Google Productivity Guide?

Interviewer: Judyth Piazza from the SOP
Interviewee: Keith Johnson, Technology Author

Judyth: Hi Keith - Happy New Year 2015. You recently wrote a book called The Google Productivity Guide. Why? Aren`t there already other books out there about Google?

Keith: Hi Judyth - Happy New Year 2015 to you as well. Yes, there are other books on the market about Google - but they are mostly out of date and also do not have a truly practical focus like my book does - which is about personal and professional productivity.

Judyth: So you are saying that your book is practical? How so?

Keith: In simple terms, things are changing today. Smaller businesses are popping up all over the place. Also, people are returning to school  - both at brick and mortar and virtual locations - so the researching of information is growing exponentially as we speak. My book is designed to help both small businesses and those who have to take on web researching tasks - for both academics and the workplace.

Judyth: I also noticed that your book is super inexpensive. Can you please comment on this?

Keith: The Google Productivity Guide is only about four dollars because I really want the public to get this book, and also I am an independent entrepreneur - book writer, so I have to turn a tiny profit to keep the lights on at my house. I guarantee book satisfaction. It covers Google Advanced Search Tips, Google Web Tools and Resources, and Google Chrome. Understanding these will help everyone to achieve greater productivity on the web, with Google as the foundation.

Judyth: Where can readers get the book?

Keith:, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, and Apple iTunes.

Judyth: Thanks Keith for answering my questions.

Keith: You are most welcome Judyth. Keep up the great work with the SOP!