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Published:January 6th, 2015 14:00 EST

Reptile Store Owner Hit Employees With Bearded Dragon

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The owner of a Deerfield Beach reptile store used a large lizard to hit employees, Broward Sheriff`s deputies said.

Benjamin Siegel, 40, of Coconut Creek, was taken into custody Friday and charged with battery and animal cruelty, jail records show.

Siegel is accused of placing a bearded dragon lizard in his mouth, throwing it, swinging it in the air and using it to strike the victims, according to the arrest report.

In October 2012, Siegel held a cockroach-eating contest at the store. The winner, 32-year-old Edward Archbold, died after choking to death on bug parts and his vomit."


You`d think the owner of a reptile store would treat his animals with respect and tenderness, but the owner of Siegel Reptiles is guilty of torturing the animals under his care.

This sadist treats his employees with disdain and abuses his animals; he doesn`t deserve to be a boss or an owner of a reptile store.

Not only is Siegel a sadistic monster but he`s also a moron, he was caught on the store`s surveillance cameras tormenting the poor bearded dragon.

PETA and animal lovers in Deerfield Beach should protest outside his store every day until he is forced to go out of business.

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